Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm usually not one for wacky conspiracy theories...

...but this one's got some legs.  Hawaii governor and Democrat Neil Abercrombie, a fan and friend of Barack Obama's, set out to provide a birth certificate to prove that Obama was indeed born in Hawaii and finally lay to rest those "birther" claims.  He seems to have run into some trouble though -- as in he can't find one.  When an Obama supporter inadvertently promotes the rumor regarding Obama's birth, it carries weight.  Listen to the clip below.

(Edit:  Mike Evans has backtracked on his comments.  The theory returns to its previous level of wackiness.)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A quick break for me - State of the Union response

A break from doing the writing that I get paid to do, that is.

Barack Obama is to give his State of the Union speech tonight.  The Republican response will be delivered by Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.  I've heard of Ryan, but had never really paid enough attention to see him in action.  Boy, was I surprised.

Here is Ryan at the "bipartisan summit" on healthcare legislation last year.  He surgically vivisects all the tricks and gimmicks in the Democrat plan.  It didn't affect the outcome of the vote, but boy did he do a good job.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Heck yeah

Headline: "Passengers overpower would-be hijacker on Turkish Airlines flight."  First line: "A large, brave passenger on a Turkish Airlines flight overpowered a would-be hijacker by sitting on him, passengers and authorities said."

No, I'm not traveling.

Something smart people need to realize

I recently read a column by Emmet Tyrell in which he says of George Washington: “He was courageous, occasionally brilliant, and endured setbacks and despair.”

It reminded me of something I realized a long time ago – it’s not enough to simply be intelligent.  If you do stupid things, then your intelligence is wasted.  And everyone thinks you're stupid anyway.

So who can we trust now?

From AOL Health: "Article calls study linking vaccines to autism a fraud."

(The actual article in a British medical journal is here.)

The tradition of ethical science continues.