Sunday, September 29, 2013

UN's Global Warming group: "You gonna believe us, or your lying eyes?"

Breitbart (among others) writes that the United Nations climate panel's report may not be as objective as they want us to believe.
"An exhaustive United Nations report that claimed with 95% certainty that humans are responsible for global warming left out data that found the planet has stopped warming over the last 15 years, because it did not fit with the climate change agenda it wanted to advance." 
An earlier draft of the United Nations report, which was not used, acknowledged its climate models “do not generally reproduce the observed reduction in surface warming trend over the last 10–15 years.” In other words, reality slapped their predictions in the face and took its lunch money.

As the UK's Sun News says, "The issue is important because if the Earth is not warming as greenhouse gas emissions rise, it strikes at the heart of the theory of man-made global warming and suggests natural factors may be the greatest influence on climate."

Friday, September 27, 2013

Obama's lips are moving again

Barack Obama, September 26, 2013: "There's no widespread evidence" that Obamacare is hurting jobs.

Unfortunately, real experts have already said otherwise.

Obamacare's secretly forcing you to pay for abortions

This article by Craig Bannister explains another up-to-now-unknown part of Obamacare. There's apparently actually a clause in the law that forbids consumers to know if their insurance plan includes an added "abortion surcharge" until they're about to enroll. In other words, abortion coverage is being kept intentionally secret from insurance customers until the last minute.

The HuffPo tried to rebut this information, but AUL offered a strong rebuttal of the rebuttal. Unless you (or your employer) pays attention, you'll pay extra so someone else can have an abortion on your tab.

That's another example of Obama's open government. Ask your Democrat neighbor for an apology and see what you get.

Others Say Smart Stuff, Too - Part XL

Pat Buchanan on Ted Cruz's filibuster and fight against Obamacare:
"His analysis is right, his instincts are right, his disposition to fight is right."

Friday, September 06, 2013

Obama's Unemployment Drop, Explained

For two years I've shown how the unemployment numbers under the Obama administration have been cooked. All it takes is a look at this chart showing the Labor Force Participation Rate for the last ten years.