Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama's Campaign of Intimidation

This is one you'll want to e-mail people about.

Obama supporters -- like Liberals in general -- not only oppose Obama critics, but also are determined to silence them. Sen. Barack Obama's campaign organized its supporters Wednesday night to confront Tribune-owned WGN-AM in Chicago for having a critic of Obama on the Milt Rosenberg show.
Stanley Kurtz is a Conservative (generally) writer whose work often appears in National Review. As part of his research, he has been investigating the relationship between Barack Obama and William Ayers (see an earlier post.) In particular he wanted to research papers at the University of Illinois at Chicago detailing Obama's work on the Annenburg Challenge, a foundation of which Obama was the chairman. William Ayers had a position on the board of that foundation. The University at first agreed to let Kurtz do research, then suddenly withdrew their approval. After Kurtz challenged them legally, they relented and allowed him access.
Kurtz found information which shows pretty clearly that Ayers was more to Obama than simply "someone who lives in my neighborhood," as Obama said in a debate during the primaries. The video of Obama's comments about Ayers is below, starting at about the :40 mark.

Kurtz emphasizes in his interview that he focused on Obama's relationships in the 90s, not on Ayers's terrorist acts in 1971. Interestingly, no one from the Obama campaign was willing to go on the air to rebut Kurtz live. Instead, they started a campaign of intimidation against WGN for allowing Kurtz on the air at all. For the final hour of the interview, callers were invited to respond, and none of them could disprove any of Kurtz's points. Instead, they followed the talking points from the e-mail they were sent.

This is the candidate that the Democrats are so proud of.
You can listen to the interview here.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Obama Nation

I'm about finished with the book "The Obama Nation," written by Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. Corsi was the co-author of the book "Unfit for Command" that undermined John Kerry's Presidential bid in 2004.
With "The Obama Nation," Corsi creates an alternative story to that given by Obama in his book "Dreams from My Father," and to the narrative the Obama campaign has tried to push on the American electorate. Corsi depicts Obama as an angry young black man -- angry for no reason other than, as a black man, he felt he should be angry.
Obama's father was from Kenya, and appeared to have come from a fairly well off family (by Kenyan standards.) Obama Senior attended school in Hawaii, where he married Obama's white mother. He then went to Harvard, leaving his wife and son Obama Junior in the process. Obama Senior then returned to Kenya and became a Marxist-leaning economist working for the Kenyan government. He began to drink heavily because of loss of his position due to tribal conflicts, and eventually died in an auto accident while driving drunk.
Our Barack Obama, meanwhile, lived in Indonesia with his mother and stepfather, attending school and there receiving regular instruction in the Koran. (This was a public school and not a madrassas, an Islamic religious school. So while true in spirit on some points, those e-mails making the rounds are technically incorrect.) Obama attended an elite private prep school in Hawaii, paid for by his affluent white grandparents. At no time is there an indication that Obama encountered any racial discrimination like that historically suffered by typical black Americans.
Corsi then goes on to list the various people with whom Obama has been associated over the years, and who Obama has distanced himself from since starting his Presidential campaign -- Communist poet Frank Marshall Davis, terrorist William Ayers (see last post,) convicted felon Tony Rezko and the infamous Reverand Jeremiah Wright.
Corsi makes no bones about his oppostion to Barack Obama and his "cult of personality." The book's attacks were so savage that the Obama campaign felt compelled to issue a 40-page rebuttal of Corsi's charges. In addition to their "rebuttals," they also felt compelled to call Corsi "discredited," a "bigot," "liar," and "racist." -- familiar terms for those of us who dare to disagree with Liberal Democrats on any point.
There's no question that Corsi's book contains inaccuracies, as well as omissions and phrasing that, while technically accurate, paint Obama in the worst possible light. At the same time, the Obama rebuttal does not address many of the charges in the book, and often twists Corsi's words or meaning so that they are answering accusations that Corsi never made, while not answering the underlying point. Both documents are propagandist in nature, with neither one going for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
After reading both publications, however, I am left with the picture of Obama as a leftist politician who uses the techniques advocated by leftist philosopher Saul Alinsky (also a hero of Hillary Clinton's, who wrote her senior thesis on Alinsky.) Michelle Obama used some lines from Alinsky's book in her speech at the Democrat convention. One of Alinsky's pieces of advice was to avoid telling truth, or even lying, when necessary. Obama has also shown that relationships are to be sacrificed when it is politically expedient to do so.
While "The Obama Nation" contains a lot of inaccuracies and should be considered anti-Obama propaganda, the author's main point -- that the American public really doesn't know enough about Barack Obama to make an informed decision -- stands as the truth.


The Ad That Outraged Obama

The American Issues Project, a 527 group, ran a TV commercial addressing Barack Obama's relationship with William Ayers, a terrorist who bombed the Capitol in Washington D.C. in 1971. The Obama campaigned responded quickly and savagely, threatening television stations that ran the ad.

In the name of keeping the public informed, here's the commercial:

Friday, August 15, 2008

You Might Be A Liberal If...

John Hawkins has a great column today listing indications of "You might be a Liberal if..." It's pretty funny. Some samples:

You might be a Liberal if:

* You're sure the Constitution explicitly guarantees the right to abortion and gay marriage, but not the right to own a handgun.

* You think Dan Quayle is the dumbest Vice-President we ever had because he believed a flash card that misspelled "potato," but think Obama is a genius despite the fact he believes we have more than 57 states.

* You couldn't care less about what Americans in states like Kansas or Virginia think of you, but you would be greatly upset if a Frenchman gave you a dirty look because you're an American.

Pretty funny.

Monday, August 11, 2008


In light of Russia's invasion of Georgia, are you comfortable with the abilities of this man

To confront this man?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

An Insightful Analysis of Obama

Victor Davis Hanson has written a clear, basic analysis of Barack Obama and his faltering campaign. Obama is a deeply flawed candidate, and the more media exposure he gets, the worse he seems to look to voters.

I may wind up being right about Hillary Clinton, after all.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Good for America = Bad for Democrats

Republicans in Congress put on a bit of political theater last Friday (to be continued today.) Despite being in the minority, they raised a protest to try to force a vote on offshore drilling. The Democrats shut down all debate and closed the Congress, sending it to recess without having to vote yes or no on drilling. Democrats killed the C-Span cameras, silenced microphones and even turned off the lights.

Democrats know that the
majority of Americans approve offshore drilling. If they allowed a vote, they would either a) have to vote against an issue most Americans approve, or b) vote for the issue, thus alienating their environmental base. The only solution was to prevent any sort of vote....and the benefit to America be damned.

Once again, Democrats have demonstrated -- despite what they campaigned on in 2006 -- that they are willing to put politics above the welfare of the country. They prove, once again, that what's good for America seems to always be bad for Democrats.

Republicans finally got the lights turned back on, but had to bring their own video cameras. Here's a long-awaited video of Republicans showing some backbone: