Thursday, January 23, 2014

Who said that?

On government assistance:
#1: "We must find ways of returning far more of our dependent people to independence."
On business and government assistance:
#2: "The capitalists who make the investments, the managers who manage it, and the workers who produce it-have got to be concerned about these taxeaters"
#3: "The days of the dole in our country are numbered."

Who said these awful things? Was it some extremist right-wing Republican wing nut?

Why no. #1 was President John Kennedy in his "Special Message to Congress on Public Welfare Programs" February 1, 1962
#2 was President Lyndon Johnson in his "Remarks to the Members of the International Labor Press Association" April 27, 1964
#3 was also LBJ, in his "Remarks Upon Signing the Economic Opportunity Act" August 20, 1964.

My point is to illustrate how much the Democrat party has swerved over the last fifty years. When Republicans talk about helping poor people, it's with the same idea as JFK and LBJ -- help them get away from dependence on government. Today's Democrats consider "help" as making it easier for poor people to become and remain dependent on government. 

That's the fundamental difference between the two parties, their vision of America.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Thanks, Obama

One picture is worth a thousand words. The Labor Force Participation Rate since January, 2003. Barack Obama took office in January, 2009. Notice a trend? Yet the latest report has unemployment decreasing. Government numbers are funny things.

Notice a trend?