Friday, December 28, 2007

A Few Questions Wouldn't Hurt

Pat Sajak -- yes, that Pat Sajak, of "Wheel of Fortune" fame -- has written a column in which he asks ten questions. These are questions that he says make him skeptical of the "manmade global warming" arguments. Some of the questions:

What is the perfect temperature [of the Earth]?

Why is there such a strong effort to stifle discussion and dissent?

Are there potential benefits to global warming?

How has this movement gained such momentum?

All good questions, the last one especially. Read Sajak's column to find out about the "religious fervor" that global warming alarmists suffer from. And use these questions to poleax the next Liberal who starts in about this.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Congressmen Who Hate Christmas reports on a group of nineteen U.S. Congressmen who voted on a resolution recognizing Islam and the holiday of Ramadan -- then either voted "against" or "present" (meaning they refused to support) a resolution similarly recognizing Christianity and Christmas.

The language of the resolutions is nearly identical. The Congressmen who refused to support Christmas while supporting Ramadan are all Democrats. (Full list on the site.)

Whenever you start to think that maybe Conservatives are getting too "vicious" or too "partisan," remember that there are people like these elected representatives, who hold power over all our lives, who support the beliefs of our enemies more than they support American beliefs and traditions.

Although I disagree with those who are anti-religion, I at least respect their right to believe the way they do. Don't get me wrong, I go to great lengths to defeat such people in arguments -- I don't think a single contemporary person's arguments trump 2000 years of believers in Christianity, for example -- but this is America, etc. etc.

Those who I want to remove from public life completely are those who choose to officially sanction other cultures' beliefs over our own.

When you're debating a Liberal, remember these nineteen Democrats who refused to recognize the worth of Christianity and Christmas, but supported the religion of our enemies. It will put a fire in your belly.

Friday, December 21, 2007

As Bill is Bought, So is Hillary

Is it clear to everyone else that when money is given to Bill, Hillary also benefits?

Bill's Clinton Foundation, for example.
Or Bill's employment by the crown prince of Dubai.
Or Bill's offshore investments in the Cayman Islands. (Isn't that done to avoid paying taxes? Isn't Hillary constantly talking about how rich people like Bill and her should pay more taxes?)

Tsk, tsk.

Should the POTUS be involved in so many questionable deals?

Other People Say Smart Stuff, Too Part X - Hillary

"Experience counts."

Sound familiar? Remind you of Hillary Clinton's slogan when comparing herself to Barack Obama?

"Experience counts" is what Richard Nixon used in his campaign against John F. Kennedy in 1960.

In his most recent column, "Retro Campaigning," George Will examines the two primary instances of Hillary Clinton's "experience":

The first instance was the selection of her husband's Attorney General. Hillary's criteria was based on chromosomes -- the AG had to be a woman. The first choice was Zoey Baird, who was eliminated when she was found to have hired illegal immigrants as servants and had not paid Social Security taxes on them. The second choice was Kimba Wood, who had also hired an illegal immigrant. The final choice was Janet Reno, whose career as AG is remembered for 1) the botched assault on the Davidian compound in Waco, resulting in 86 deaths, 17 of which were the children the assault was supposed to save; and 2) the extraction at gunpoint of six-year-old Elian Gonzales so he could be sent back to Castro's Cuba.

To quote Will: "The second of Hillary Clinton's important experiences was the drafting, in secret, of a national health care plan. It was so dauntingly baroque and ominously statist that a Congress controlled by her party would not bring it to a vote. "

Her experiences that should matter most to primary voters reveal consistently bad judgment. Her campaign's behavior radiates bad character."

Wednesday, December 19, 2007