Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Obama notes

  • It seems Barack Obama, the first black President, is descended from the first black African slave, John Punch -- on his white mother's side.
  • Despite being selected as editor, then president, of the Harvard Law Review, Barack Obama never had an article published in that journal under his own name.
  • The sister of conservative talk radio host Neil Boortz was a teacher at Barack Obama's school in Hawaii while he was there, and may have had Obama as a student.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Say it ain't so, O

Remember the 2008 case of the two Black Panthers in pseudomilitary garb and brandishing billy clubs outside a Philadelphia polling place? Remember how the Bush administration had started prosecution of the case and the Obama administration dismissed it after O took office?

Well, now it seems that a federal court has determined that Obama appointees did in fact influence the Justice Department's decision to drop those charges. In other words, Obama's Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez lied during his testimony, when he denied such political involvement.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Tales of Donkeys in Zugzwang

A Fable

     The moon station was more successful than anyone expected.  Atomic generators provided lights, energy and gravity.  Grown with seeds brought from the home planet, hydroponic plants flourished within the dome, furnishing the growing population with plenty of food.  
     Water, the only concern of the original settlers, turned out to be plentiful under the moon’s surface.  Franchisees of the companies that had sponsored the station braved the cold oxygenless atmosphere daily in their company-designed vehicles, trekking the long miles to the water mines with empty tankers and returning with full ones. 
     Once back in the dome, the water was turned over to the Moon Water Central Authority, which distributed it to the people.  Families were given a generous allotment, enough for all their household needs and more.  Businesses run by the companies received more, so they could produce and manufacture and serve their customers.
     All was well until Brick Ohama attained control of the Central Authority.  He began to stir up resentment against the companies for the profits they made. “They use our water,” said Ohama.  “Why should they profit from what they produce, manufacture and serve? They wouldn’t be successful if it weren’t for the water that the Central Authority provides.” His criticism went on for a long time, making the people hate the companies.
     Eventually the companies tired of being called evil and selfish, and one by one they abandoned the moon station.  The populace became hungry and thirsty, for there was no one left to go outside and get the water for them. They discovered that the Central Authority actually provided nothing for them. Nothing at all.