Thursday, February 15, 2007

Other People Say Smart Stuff IV

Dr. Thomas Sowell is the smartest man in America. Among other accomplishments, he holds a Ph.D in economics and is currently a Senior Fellow with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.
He has written a series of articles entitled "Global Hot Air." In these articles he has so far pointed out that
  • The list of so-called "consensus of scientists" includes everything from "nuclear physicists to people who study insects, volcanoes, and endocrine glands -- none of whom is an expert on weather or climate, but all of whom can be listed as scientists, to impress people who don't scrutinize the list any further."
  • Many distinguished climatologists who have real credentials oppose the concept of "manmade global warming."
  • "There has been a full court press to convince the public that 'everybody knows' that a catastrophic global warming looms over us, that human beings are the cause of it, and that the only solution is to turn more money and power over to the government to stop us from our dangerous ways of living."
  • The media present sensational and inaccurate headlines and stories to promote the idea of "manmade global warming."
  • The big hurricane season in 2005 was touted in the media as caused by, and proof of, global warming. Predictions were that 2006 would be even worse. The fact that there was practically no hurricane season in 2006 went unmentioned.
Read Sowell's columns. He's smart and articulate.

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