Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yeah, I Got Brackets

Normally I avoid the madness that consumes America in March. I don't really care anything about college basketball unless a local team makes it to the championships.

This year, however, I got caught up in the excitement and paid five dollars to enter a bracket in the office pool. I had to do some cramming to have any credible choices. Herewith (before the tournament starts -- let's see how I do for even one round) my picks:
[Update, 3/15/06: After an 8-0 start, I end the day with 14-2. Stay tuned.]
[Update, 3/17 AM: Stupid Midwest Regional. I'm 27-5, three of the losses coming in the Midwest.]
[Update, 3/17 PM: The Midwest continues its curse. Butler defeats Maryland.]

1st-Round winners
Florida. Arizona. Butler. Maryland. Notre Dame. Oregon. Georgia Tech. Wisconsin
[Update, 3/17 AM: Purdue beats Arizona. Winthrop (?) beats ND. UNLV beats Georgia Tech. I picked the wrong upset.]

2nd-Round winners
Florida. Maryland. Oregon. Wisconsin
[Update, 3/17 PM: Stupid Butler.]

Quarter-Final winners
Florida. Wisconsin

Midwest Winner

1st-Round Winners
Kansas. Kentucky. Virginia Tech. Southern Illinois. Duke. Pittsburgh. Indiana. UCLA.
[Update, 3/15/06: VCU upsets Duke.]

2nd-Round Winners
Kansas. Southern Illinois. Pittsburgh. UCLA.

Quarter-final Winners
Kansas. UCLA

West Winner

1st-Round Winners
North Carolina. Michigan State. USC. Texas. Vanderbilt. Washington State. Boston College (sorry about that, Tech). Georgetown.

2nd-Round Winners
North Carolina. Texas. Washington State. Georgetown.

Quarter-final Winners
North Carolina. Georgetown.

East Winner
North Carolina

1st-Round Winners
Ohio State. BYU. Tennessee. Virginia. Louisville. Texas A&M. Nevada. Memphis.
[Update 3/15/06: Xavier upsets BYU.]
[Update, 3/17 AM: Except for the BYU loss, a good bracket. But I've picked Tennessee over Virginia; keep an eye on that game.]

2nd-Round Winners
Ohio State. Tennessee. Texas A&M. Memphis.
[Update, 3/17 PM: Ohio State escapes Xavier, scoring a 3-pointer to tie it up with two seconds left in regulation, then wins in OT.]

Quarter-final Winners
Ohio State. Memphis.

South Winner
Ohio State

Final Four
North Carolina. Ohio State. Florida. Kansas.

North Carolina - Ohio State. Winner: North Carolina.

Florida - Kansas. Winner: Florida

National Championship Game
North Carolina - Florida
Winner: North Carolina.
Final Score: 86-79


Anonymous said...

You're my brother, but this whole tournament thing gives me tired

TracyT said...

I keep waiting for you to comment on the Hillary Clinton/Big Brother commercial that's out on