Wednesday, September 05, 2007

About Universal Healthcare

When something is provided by the government, it can always be withheld.

From the London Evening Standard:

"NHS [National Health Service] should
not treat those with unhealthy lifestyles" say Tories

"Failing to follow a healthy lifestyle could lead to free
NHS treatment being denied under the Tory plans.

"...heavy smokers, the obese and binge drinkers who were a drain on the NHS could
be denied some routine treatments
such as hip replacements until they
cleaned up their act."
As nice as something like "free" healthcare sounds, think about other government-provided medical services that already exist. When was the last time someone bragged about the great service at the VA Hospitals (see Walter Reed) or how wonderful Medicare is?

Now think about federal highway funds, and how the US government uses them to control what the states do. It's legal blackmail, courtesy of your government.

That's what "Universal Healthcare" means.

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