Sunday, November 11, 2007

Need It Spelled Out For You?

Karl Rove recently wrote a column for the Wall Street Journal opinion page. He succinctly and clearly spells out the failings of the Democrats since they won control of Congress last year:

On the budget. "In 2006, Democrats criticized Congress for dragging its feet on the budget and pledged that they would do better... The new fiscal year started Oct. 1--five weeks ago--but Democrats have yet to send the president a single annual appropriations bill."

Democrats have made clear all their talk about "fiscal discipline" is just that--talk. They're proposing to spend $205 billion more than the president has proposed over the next five years. Only in Washington could someone in public life be so clueless to say, as Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi have, that $22 billion is a 'relatively small' difference."

On the war in Iraq. "Beholden to and other left-wing groups, Democratic leaders have ignored the progress made in Iraq.... After promising on the campaign trail to "support our troops," Democrats tried to cut off funding for our military while our soldiers and Marines are under fire from the enemy. Democrats also tried to stuff an emergency war-spending bill with billions of dollars of pork for individual members."

On "bipartisanship." "They refused a bipartisan compromise on an expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program, instead wasting precious time sending the president a bill they knew he would veto. And they did this knowing that they wouldn't be able to override that veto. Why? Because their pollsters told them putting the children's health-care program at risk would score political points."

At it's best, Congress is like an orangutan trying to solve a Rubik's cube. At it's worst, it's two orangutans fighting over the Rubik's cube. The Democrats have proved that they are more interested in partisan politics than in trying to do the job for which they were elected.

Term limits. I'm a believer.

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