Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Congressmen Who Hate Christmas reports on a group of nineteen U.S. Congressmen who voted on a resolution recognizing Islam and the holiday of Ramadan -- then either voted "against" or "present" (meaning they refused to support) a resolution similarly recognizing Christianity and Christmas.

The language of the resolutions is nearly identical. The Congressmen who refused to support Christmas while supporting Ramadan are all Democrats. (Full list on the site.)

Whenever you start to think that maybe Conservatives are getting too "vicious" or too "partisan," remember that there are people like these elected representatives, who hold power over all our lives, who support the beliefs of our enemies more than they support American beliefs and traditions.

Although I disagree with those who are anti-religion, I at least respect their right to believe the way they do. Don't get me wrong, I go to great lengths to defeat such people in arguments -- I don't think a single contemporary person's arguments trump 2000 years of believers in Christianity, for example -- but this is America, etc. etc.

Those who I want to remove from public life completely are those who choose to officially sanction other cultures' beliefs over our own.

When you're debating a Liberal, remember these nineteen Democrats who refused to recognize the worth of Christianity and Christmas, but supported the religion of our enemies. It will put a fire in your belly.

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