Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Delwin Jones, and Deceiving District 83

Republican Delwin Jones, incumbent District 83 State Representative, has campaigned hard against his challenger Joe Hnatek. Radio ads presenting Hnatek getting his funding from "down state" and as chosen "by the I-35 crowd" are effective. I've written about the District 83 race and Delwin Jones's non-conservative record before.

Now, from radio host Robert Pratt, I get an e-mail with this information:

* 77% of Delwin Jones contributions come from Austin ($35,056 of $45,381), or other "down state" addresses (I've been very generous and included all the way to San Angelo as West Texas.) http://txprod.ethics.state.tx.us/public/366264.pdf

* 78% of money spent by Delwin Jones came from "down state" ($45,020.28)
Hnatek had only 42% of his funding and spending from Austin, or "down state". Of that 42% of funds used that came from "down state", 100% of it was for in-kind campaign work - none was cash. Other spending was from Hnatek's own pocket. http://txprod.ethics.state.tx.us/public/366238.pdf

* 84% of Empower Texans PAC funding is from West Texas - NOT "down state" or from the I-35 crowd. This is the group, which includes donors from the district, helping Hnatek. http://txprod.ethics.state.tx.us/public/366028.pdf

"So we now see the truth: Delwin Jones is being funding primarily from Austin and Joe Hnatek from right here in West Texas.

By the way, Jack Bush, who is also the mayor of Idalou, and advertising man, and who appears in Jones' latest radio advertisement running down Hnatek and claiming he's pushed by the I-35 crowd, was paid $2250.00 in this filing by Delwin's campaign for "media production" - no kidding!"

My thanks to Robert Pratt for sharing this information. I cast my own vote for Joe Hnatek this afternoon in early voting.

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