Monday, August 04, 2008

Good for America = Bad for Democrats

Republicans in Congress put on a bit of political theater last Friday (to be continued today.) Despite being in the minority, they raised a protest to try to force a vote on offshore drilling. The Democrats shut down all debate and closed the Congress, sending it to recess without having to vote yes or no on drilling. Democrats killed the C-Span cameras, silenced microphones and even turned off the lights.

Democrats know that the
majority of Americans approve offshore drilling. If they allowed a vote, they would either a) have to vote against an issue most Americans approve, or b) vote for the issue, thus alienating their environmental base. The only solution was to prevent any sort of vote....and the benefit to America be damned.

Once again, Democrats have demonstrated -- despite what they campaigned on in 2006 -- that they are willing to put politics above the welfare of the country. They prove, once again, that what's good for America seems to always be bad for Democrats.

Republicans finally got the lights turned back on, but had to bring their own video cameras. Here's a long-awaited video of Republicans showing some backbone:

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