Saturday, November 22, 2008

When the Government Wants Power... doesn't matter who dies.

New York City just told church-sponsored shelters that provide beds for the homeless that they must stay open at least five days a week or not at all.

Temperatures in NYC are below freezing. Last year four homeless people froze to death.

What this means -- assuming the church shelters can't or won't agree to stay open -- is that if homeless people want a bed they have to turn to the city's government shelters, effectively replacing privately funded charitable work with taxpayer funded "entitlements." City officials are willing to risk homeless people dying in order to increase their power.

Never doubt how far government will go to impose its will.

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LandShark 5150 said...

How can this be ? I mean with the world's temperature rising and all. You have out done yourself this time. You uncovered the start of Chairman Maobama's (oops) I mean to say, President-Elect Obama's Change. BRAVO !