Friday, March 13, 2009

The Truth About Rush

I'm a big fan of Rush Limbaugh's, and I'm ecstatic that the Obama administration has seen fit to target him as an enemy. (Hmmm...weren't enemies lists a bad thing just a short while ago?) Rush has the opportunity to fight back via his radio show, and the backbone and skill to do so effectively.

In a recent column by Matt Towery, the wisdom, or lack of it, in attacking Rush is confirmed by polling data. (Read Towery's column for that information.) My point here is Towery's description of his one brief personal encounter with Rush:

"It was enlightening. He was the complete opposite of his persona. He was soft-spoken, extraordinarily polite and clearly not taking himself too seriously. My friends who know him well tell me he is still that way today."

Towery later gives one of the best descriptions of Rush Limbaugh the radio personality that I've ever seen articulated:

"...anyone who listens to his show knows that Limbaugh plays the role of pompous ringmaster, but in jest. After five minutes it is clear that he is not a hatemonger."

A huge percentage of the people who criticize Rush Limbaugh have never listened to his show, much less listened long enough to get the subtleties of his humor. Their remarks and accusations are not only wrong, but very wrong. The mistake the Obama bunch has made is forgetting the twenty million Americans who listen to Rush, and who enjoy his show. Rush is a skilled communicator, and his Conservative message gets through very effectively. The Democrat attacks are adding to the number of people who will realize the power and the wisdom of Conservatism. More power to them.

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