Friday, April 03, 2009

Latro, Ergo Sum #4

"I rant, therefore I am."

"Liberal" = "Inclined to act inappropriately"
At their initial meeting in March British Prime Minister Gordon Brown gave Barack Obama an ornamental pen holder made from the timbers of the Victorian anti-slave ship HMS Gannet. Obama gave Brown
a collection of DVD's. When he met Queen Elizabeth, Obama presented her with an Ipod. A wag suggested that Obama's administration was looking to take over Best Buy next.

Sucker = Me
I completely fell for the
Squeez Bacon featured on April Fool's Day. In my defense, I previously reported about the wonderful (and genuine) product Baconnaise, so it didn't sound that farfetched. It wasn't until I watched the following video that I got a clue.

Speaking of being a geek
I conducted a semi-scientific test and determined that you get 30% more yield from "jumbo" eggs than from "large" eggs.

Fahrenheit 451 lives
Does it bother anyone else that Obama's Deputy Solicitor General Malcolm Stewart argued in front of the Supreme Court that in his opinion it would be acceptable to ban some books under McCain-Feingold?

Netflix pwns me
Since subscribing to Netflix, I have watched more movies than I've watched the entire rest of my life. I'm working my way through IMDB's Top 250 films, watching movies that I haven't seen before, and rewatching some that I haven't seen in years. Most pleasant surprise so far: Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window. Biggest disappointment: City of God.

I'm unduly proud that I know what "pwn" means.

Dave Ramsey is killing me
When you're in the process of completely getting out of debt, every spare dollar goes to paying off debts. (duh) What that means, however, is that you're always broke. Your business is taken care of, but you have no extra cash. That makes me uncomfortable.

Internet radio
When I'm writing, I usually listen to internet radio. No commercials, very little talking to interrupt my concentration. My station of choice at the moment is KRBX, Rock 104. I listen via Windows Media Player. When I'm in the zone, I can write over 1500 words in an hour. If I could maintain that pace, I could write a book the length of Tolstoy's War and Peace in a little over two weeks.

United Supermarkets
I'm always impressed with the store and the service when I go shopping in a United or a Market Street. What do they know that Wal-Mart doesn't?

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Anonymous said...

I've always wondered about the egg thing--how much difference in price should there be for one size to be a better value than another?