Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Sunshine Condiment

From "The Proper Mustard," the newsletter of The Mustard Museum.


1. I will use mustard every day.
2. I will be bold and try mustard on all kinds of foods.
3. I will smile whenever I eat mustard - life's too important to be angry when eating the sunshine condiment.
4. I will be more tolerant of ketchup eaters.
5. I will share my mustards with others.


T said...

I'm still trying to man-up and try the chili dog mustard. What should I eat it on? A chili dog? That seems redundant.

wordkyle said...

First, it's "mustard that tastes like a chili dog." Huge difference.

As it turns out, the only place that I ever eat mustard and chili together is on a hot dog. Maybe a chili burger. Like Baconnaise, it's not as versatile as you might first think.