Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"Chief Executor of Good Intentions"

Byron York has a column highlighting what Conservatives have been saying since Obama became the Democrat candidate for President -- he has no practical experience running an organization.  The federal government's confused response to the BP oil spill shows no coordination or accountability.  Obama is used to other people making the decisions, and the bureaucracy is going to destroy the Gulf Coast.  From York's column:

"The oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is gushing out of control. The Obama administration is at first slow to see the seriousness of the accident. Then, as the crisis becomes clear, the federal bureaucracy becomes entangled in itself trying to deal with the problem. "At least a dozen federal agencies have taken part in the spill response," the New York Times reports, "making decision-making slow, conflicted and confused, as they sought to apply numerous federal statutes....

The direction from the top was not clear. And accountability? So far, the only head that has rolled during the Gulf crisis has been that of Minerals Management Service chief Elizabeth Birnbaum. But during a May 27 news conference, Obama admitted he didn't even know whether she had resigned or been fired. "

Sarah Palin's résumé looks pretty good in comparison about now, doesn't it?

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