Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another reason I shop at Wal-Mart

Paul Greenburg wrote an interesting column about Wal-Mart.  The government tried to fine Wal-Mart for unsafe working conditions that led to the death of an employee.  The store had a grand opening and the impatient mob broke down the doors and trampled the unfortunate man.

But Wal-Mart has spent a couple of million dollars fighting the $7000 fine and the feds don't like it.  They finally picked on someone their own size.  Read the column, it's fun.

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AnObiter said...

You know, had a couple of conversations involving WalMart yesterday. One centered around the way Southlake ran them off (at great expense to the city) and the other regarding the seeming genre that frequents the store.

I rather admire WalMart's ability to say "to hell with you" to a snobby city.

And although everyone warned me of the Decatur WalMart (supposedly more frightening than others), I shed nary a tear. I love people-watching. Decatur's store reminds me of the one in Waxahachie. Not much variation of set-up, people or garden center.