Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Latro, Ergo Sum #5

"I rant, therefore I am."

Lately I find myself becoming outraged by an unusually large number of things. Here is a partial list of things that outrage me:

  1. People's egos preventing anything from getting done.
  2. Actual, tangible bigotry.
  3. Someone using "racism" as an excuse so they don't have to make their argument.
  4. Politicians who lie and who are so arrogant that they don't care if we know they're lying.
  5. Being forced to spend money on something I didn't think I'd have to spend money on.
  6. Planned and designed obsolescence in electronics.
  7. Cats who barf in unexpected places.
  8. People who make my children's lives harder.
  9. The high cost of razors.
  10. Deceptive pricing in stores.
  11. Not being able to compare apples to apples when shopping for insurance or investments.
  12. Waitng 45 minutes after showing up on time for a doctor's appointment.
  13. People who don't answer their phones.
  14. Dealing with the consequences of getting old.
  15. Not being good at something I used to be good at.
  16. Waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep.
  17. Grammar nazis.
  18. Quizzes that cheat.
  19. Sitting at the keyboard when the words won't come.
  20. Having a million story ideas and realizing that most of them will never see daylight.
  21. Having an idea for something that I have absolutely no clue how to execute.
  22. Coming up with an original idea for something only to find out that other people have known about it for years.
  23. When a celebrity says something incredibly stupid and I have no way to tell them how stupid they are.
  24. Losing tools.
  25. When things I used to like become things I don't like anymore.
  26. Consistently bad service at a business I have to patronize.
Okay, that's enough for now.  As you were.


AnObiter said...

-- Egos are so worried about, fed, nurtured and protected with today's kids, it's no wonder they grow to become adult beasty-sized in so many adults.
-- I'm with you on people messing with my children too...keep seeing grown men leering at my Daughter...
-- the YouDon'tLikeOurPresSoYou'reARacist argument is nothing but a tired, empty accusation of weakness. Wonder if all of the Bush hatred was stemmed in racism? ;)
-- I wish Reagan hadn't died or fallen victim to Alzheimer's
-- I'm stymied by the price of razors!
-- Ahhh, the cat puke....yeah. Ugh.

AnObiter said...

Sorry for the redundancy in my 1st sentence....I'm trying to read & respond on my phone