Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Didn't Sarah Palin get creamed for this?

From a transcript of Barack Obama's interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News last night:

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Finally, since we are on the web here-- live on Yahoo.com, everyone wants to know which-- websites do you surf?
PRESIDENT OBAMA: You know, I'm pretty eclectic. You know, I'll-- you know, I read a lot of newspapers that I used to read in print, I now read on-- on the web.
GS: Do you have an iPad or just--
OBAMA: I-- I've got an iPad. And-- and-- Steve Jobs actually gave it to me-- a little bit early. And-- (LAUGH)
GS: Oh, that's pretty cool.
OBAMA: Yeah, it was cool. I got it directly from him. And-- you know, I go to ABCNews.com, of course, and Yahoo.
GS: And Yahoo, too, thank you.
OBAMA: Of course. But-- you know, typically, my-- I-- I-- I read on the web what I read in hard copy. I mean, there-- there are some exceptions. There are some blogs and some websites that-- that are interesting that-- you don't have--
GS: --make a comment.
OBAMA: I-- you know-- I don't. I-- I figure if I-- if I got started-- I wouldn't stop. And I've got other things to do.
GS: Mr. President, thanks for your time.
Okay. With the exception of ABC News, who was hosting the interview, and Yahoo, which Stephanopoulos fed him, what was Obama's answer to the question "Which websites do you visit?" This is the same type of non-answer that Obama has given before, for which Palin was smeared by everyone in the media.  Obama once again gets a pass. But we do discover that Steve Jobs himself gave Obama his iPad.

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