Saturday, March 03, 2012

My reading is on Fire

Since my wife gave me a Kindle Fire for Christmas, I've become a reading machine again. I'm not reading as much as when I was a kid, but more than I have in many years. I resisted the e-book phenomenon because I couldn't rationalize the cost of the machine, and because as a "book person," I love actually possessing books. Kathy took the first objection out of my hands, and I've come to acknowledge the idea that a book's worth is the ideas it contains, not the paper it's made of. (Still, I know that I'm only a drained battery or an EMP away from not having anything on my Kindle.)

Here's a list -- eclectic would be accurate, although crime fiction and political nonfiction seem to dominate -- of what I've read so far:

A Study in Scarlet, A. Conan Doyle
The List, J.A. Konrath
Demonic, Ann Coulter
The Lincoln Lawyer, Michael Connelly
The Sign of the Four, A. Conan Doyle
Critical Confrontations, Patterson et al
No Higher Honor, Condoleeza Rice
Decision Points, George W. Bush
Outlining Your Novel, K.M. Weiland
Deathworld, Harry Harrison
Afraid, Jack Kilborn
Killing Floor, Lee Child
Deathworld 2, Harry Harrison
Crime Stories, J.A. Konrath
Planet of the Damned, Harry Harrison
Afterthoughts, Lawrence Block
Die Trying, Lee Child
Write Your Blook in 30 Days, Dee Burks & Liz Ragland
Who Really Cares, Arthur Brooks
The Right Fights Back, Evan Thomas, Mike Allen & Politico
The Secret Knowledge, David Mamet

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