Sunday, September 16, 2012

Other people say smart stuff, too - Part XXXVI

Derek Hunter wrote a powerful new column titled "The Media's Rape of Reality." In it he articulates the points (and more) that I've made about how much the in-the-bag media covers for Obama. After one of the worst weeks in his term of office -- and there have been many -- this week we saw:
  • the storming of American embassies,
  • the killing of an American ambassador and some of his staff,
  • more killings of American soldiers by supposed Afghan allies,
  • another downgrade of America's credit rating,
  • the snub of the Israeli Prime Minister while Iran threatens to nuke his country,
  • gas prices nearing the $4 mark again,

and what does the media cover? Mitt Romney’s statement about the embassy attacks and Obama’s foreign policy.  Read Hunter's column.

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