Saturday, March 16, 2013

Where does the buck stop?

Obama has been in office for more than four years. At what point is he held responsible for anything? For years it was "blame Bush." Now it's "blame Republicans," or "blame insurance companies" or "blame oil companies." Obama's policies, endorsed and rammed through during Democrat control of Congress, have created an economic environment where businesses have been terrified of moving because of mistrust of how the Obama administration would punish them for something.

Now the reports are that Obamacare -- Obama's flagship "accomplishment" -- will cost nearly a trillion dollars more than we were told, more people will pay higher insurance premiums than we were told, businesses will pay more fees than we were told, fewer people will be covered than we were told, and hidden provisions -- e.g., forcing the Catholic Church to cover birth control and abortions, against their religious teaching -- have wider and deeper impacts than we were told. 

Bush & co. were wrong about Iraq's WMDs -- but so were 99.9% of Democrats and the rest of the civilized world. Much more evidence exists that the Democrat party, and Obama in particular, have repeatedly deceived and lied to the American public than that the Bush administration ever did. It's about time for Obama to face his "proper comeuppance" (to quote the Washington Post.) 

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