Thursday, June 26, 2008

Latro Ergo Sum #3

"Latro ergo sum" - "I rant, therefore I am."

Obama the Unifier?
Barack Obama has made a big point about “unifying” the country. Actions speak louder than words, as they say. So what has Obama ever done to show that he can unify anything?

The Democratic Party? He appears to be unifying that by crushing Hillary Clinton. It’s interesting that this “unifier” who wants to “reach out” was
identified as the most Liberal member of the Senate in 2007. There were no cases of him breaking from voting strictly along party lines.
This un-vetted candidate is fooling some of the people all the time. Let’s hope enough of the rest of us go to the polls in November.
Supreme Court & the 2nd Amendment
The SCOTUS ruled that the Washington D.C. gun-control law was unconstitutional. Kennedy was the swing vote, this time voting on the right side. (In contrast to his opinion in Lawrence v. Texas, where he based his opinion on the approval of a European panel.) Think the Presidential election doesn’t matter? Do you want Barack Obama to choose the next Supreme Court Justice?
Democrats are Nasty CreaturesHave you seen all the Republican websites and ads making fun of Barack Obama for being black?
No? That's because there aren't any.

Well, Democrats have
websites and videos devoted to referencing John McCain’s age. Apparently racism is out of bounds, but age discrimination isn’t.

For those Republicans who wish we had a better candidate, here’s how the Gipper handled the same issue:

My everyday cigar for the last few years has been the Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur III. I’m always looking for a new cigar, and on the recommendation of Robert Pratt, I tried the Don Kiki. I have to say, the White Label was pretty good, and the Green Label wasn’t bad, but the Brown and Red Labels left something to be desired. Sorry, Robert. [6/30/08 Edit: I wrote this opinion after trying the cigars, but realized that I had neglected to smoke the Don Kiki Brown Label torpedo, and it was fantastic. I change my answer about the Brown Label, and Robert Pratt was correct.]

On the other hand, I tried the
Primos toro (received as a Father’s Day present) and really enjoyed it. My wonderful wife & kids also got me a new hygrometer for my humidor – and my old one turned out to be malfunctioning. They also got me the coolest humidifying device, the Drymistat tube with crystals in it that control the humidity. They’re regular crystal-looking rocks until you add water, then they expand, releasing preset amounts of humidity into the humidor. They’re similar to what are in Pampers. They are amazing. No wonder America’s #1.

Clint Eastwood

I recently watched Eastwood’s
The Outlaw Josey Wales again. Phenomenal movie, maybe Eastwood's best. It’s interesting to see character actors in it who appeared later in Every Which Way but Loose. (Easter Egg alert: During the scene where the comancheros assault Sandra Locke’s character, there’s a split second when the camera is whirling around crazily, and you can see Eastwood in a t-shirt and jeans and the crew watching the action.)

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