Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two Gore-y Stories

Story #1
A new report indicates that Al Gore's energy usage over the last year increased by ten percent. Gore, whose gluttonous use of energy was chronicled earlier, consumes twenty times the amount of energy to light his mansion as the normal household. He of course is forgiven by Liberals for his -- umm....inconsistency -- because he is wealthy enough to purchase "carbon offsets." Each day, of course, more of his wealth comes from brokering "carbon offset" purchases by other rich Liberals, who can then feel good about themselves. Meanwhile, he admonishes everyone else to reduce their energy usage.

Story #2
One headline pretty much says it all:
Gore Endorses Obama
Once again Obama associates himself with someone of questionable character.
How does Al Gore maintain any credibility whatsoever with any thinking person? I actually had to edit myself to keep from using coarse language to describe him.

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