Saturday, January 24, 2009

AP/Obama Continues Smooch-Fest

Here's the headline from an AP story by Liz Sidoti: "Obama breaks from Bush, avoids divisive stands."

The story then goes on to delineate how Obama " focused on fixing the economy, repairing a battered world image and cleaning up government."

Yeah, that reinstatement of money to international groups that promote and provide abortions really helped the economy. So did Guantanamo Bay closing, and providing foreign terrorists with Constitutional rights.

And cleaning up government? He chose Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, despite the fact that her husband takes millions of dollars a year from foreign governments. He chose Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary, despite Geithner's failure to pay income taxes for several years. In fact, he failed to pay, or to admit he owed, income taxes from 2001 until after his nomination to the post -- upon which he promptly paid what he owed.

As part of his "cleaning up government" pretense, Obama supposedly imposed strict rules on lobbyists and their influence on his administration. Unfortunately for his fragile credibility, Obama also nominated Bill Lynn as Deputy Secretary of Defense. Mr. Lynn until recently worked as a lobbyist for Raytheon, one of the government's largest defense contractors. Hardly any conflict there, right?

Liz Sidoti, as it turns out, is a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle. Hardly surprising that someone from San Francisco "reports" on all the righteous work Obama is doing, with nary a whiff of partisanism. As long as you don't count approving the deaths of infants, supporting America's enemies and appointment of bought-and-paid-for poltical prostitutes to his Cabinet, Obama's right down the middle of the road.


Denney Crane said...

The show is about to begin.

grn blansten said...

Here's something else to chew on: Libs decried Bush using a big amount of money on refunds/rebates, (whatever), but yet, Obama is going to do the same thing, with nary a peep from the libs.

Isn't what's wrong for Bush to do also wrong for Obama to do?