Thursday, January 22, 2009


I've heard rumors that there was some kind of an inauguration or something this week. I've avoided the media coverage because I'm trying to cut back on sugar, and I'm sure the saccharine fawning would overload my system.

So far in Obama's few days in office, he's issued executive orders to 1) Shut down Guantanamo Bay, 2) Halt military tribunals of terrorists held there, 3) Restrict interrogation methods of terrorist suspects, and 4) Halt offshore drilling.

Do you feel safer yet?

One thing to keep in mind with President Barack Obama - the welfare and security of the United States is not his priority. He wants nothing -- and I mean nothing -- more than to ingratiate himself with the rest of the world, especially Muslims in the Middle East. It is more important to the new President that America be "liked" than anything else on his agenda. He will likely try to accomplish this by throwing Israel under the bus and by sending American dollars to other countries, especially those who hate us the most.

Don't expect any public pronouncements from Obama on how great America is. Pride in our country is what Obama thinks is the problem. He will spend the rest of his time in office talking about the problems we face, and our failures as a nation. This is what the rest of the world wants to hear.

The rest of the world is happiest when it sees America on the decline militarily and financially. My brother asked me which countries I thought were America's enemies. My answer: All of them, potentially. Obama's attempts to buy friendships will be met with greed and derision. Greed, because other countries want our money. Derision, because Obama naively thinks his strategy will work. How much money would you have to pay a suicide bomber not to attack?

Obama wants to bring the prisoners at Gitmo to America, and to try them in the American judicial system. Clinton tried this during his administration, with horrible results. Obama's appointees so far are mostly Clinton retreads, so expect things to be very similar. Obama doesn't have enough experience or the judgment to make good decisions, so beyond his coterie of yes-men will be a staff of policymakers who have already shown themselves to be failures at protecting America.

Finally, proving that the scorpion is true to his nature, John McCain urged "speedy confirmation" for Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, telling fellow Republicans they should drop demands for more promises on the activities of former President Bill Clinton's global foundation. Texas Senator John Cornyn -- who I am beginning to respect more and more as a Conservative leader -- had delayed confirmation for Clinton. He feels that foreign contributions to the Clinton Foundation, totaling millions of dollars (much of it from foreign govenments,) might influence her decision-making on foreign policy. Incredibly, McCain doesn't think that's pertinent.

If McCain ever claims to have a Conservative bone in his body again, he needs to be shown the door. Let's hope we can do the same to the rest of the Obama crowd before a disaster befalls America.

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LandShark 5150 said...

Watch that scorpion on the Trojan Horse they call a stimu-package. Karl Marx could'nt be prouder.