Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Google and Dog Runs

Sometimes I retain bits of information without knowing where I got them. I recently commented to wifey that in my dream home I wanted a sort of dog run. She didn't understand what I meant. I explained that it was where a house was separated with a covered area that allowed a breeze, thus helping cool the house.

As is my wont, I googled the term to show her a picture. I was chagrined to find that everything connected to the term "dog run" had to do with kennels and chain-link fences. It wasn't until I added the word porch to the search that I was finally able to get the proper hits.

From the Handbook of Texas Online: "DOG-RUN HOUSES. The dog-run, dog-trot, or double log cabin was a common type of house in Texas at the middle of the nineteenth century. The building consisted of two cabins separated by a ten or fifteen foot passageway, with a continuous gabled roof covering both cabins and the passageway between them, or dog-run...."

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