Sunday, May 24, 2009

Seniors '09

Tonight our son, a graduating high school senior, received a book from the senior parents, a combination cookbook, Who's Who and memory book. Each of the seniors has a page devoted to him or her, with their date of birth, favorite color, their favorite recipes and other such information. Leafing through it gave me more insight into these kids' lives than anything else. Among these responses to the category of "Worst Fear":

My son: "Losing my inspiration." (Profundities run in the family. One of his favorite recipes was for a bologna sandwich.)
From a set of twins: Twin A - "Not glorifying God;" Twin B - "Burning to death." (Proving that not all of their chromosomes matched. Geneticists still have some work to do.)
Half of the rest of the class: "Spiders."
The other half: "Snakes."

Most touching response, from a young man who
battled cancer his senior year, and who inspired his teammates on the football team to shave their heads so their haircuts would match his: Worst fear: "Chemo."

God bless and watch over our children.

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gern blansten said...

sometimes I'm amazed that BW comes from your gene pool! hehe...God Bless my nephew!

gern blansten