Monday, October 12, 2009

Disgust Set In

Yeah, I know it's been three weeks since my last post. I've tried to find a place to stop and comment about all of the political shenanigans Obama, Reid, Pelosi et al have been up to, but it didn't stop long enough for me to take inventory. Due to popular demand, I figured I'd better put something in.

This morning I inflicted a rant on the missiz, and realized halfway through that the reason I started this blog was to keep from doing that. This morning's rant was about the completely deceitful tactics the Democrats have been using, and my complete mystification that they have any credibility left.

Consider: All of the to-do about the urgency for "healthcare reform" would lead you to believe that, if passed, it will immediately go into effect. Not so. The current legislation being bandied about won't go into effect until 2013 -- after the next presidential election. Clearly they don't want the conditions that most experts predict -- long lines, rationing, increaed government debt, etc. -- to affect Obama's chances at reelection. (Nor that of Democrat congressmen also up for reelection that year.)

Consider: Republicans have proposed amendments to the Democrat plan. One would insert language that expressly prhibits using government funds for abortions. The Democrats refused. Nonetheless they loudly proclaim that abortions are not covered by their plan. Yet abortions are not prohibited in the proposed legislation. They will be covered by default. Similarly, Democrats swear that illegal aliens will not be able to receive the proposed benefits, and show language saying so. Yet when Republicans proposed language requiring proof of citizenship for coverage, Democrats rejected it. There is no mechanism to identify the citizenship status of applicants for the proposed benefits.

Consider: The White House has begun attacking Fox News in the official White House blog. The taxpayer-funded White House blog. In case you don't remember civics from high school, the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits governmental infringements of the freedom of the press. Singling out a particular news organization seems to come pretty close. And we're paying for it.

Consider: The so-called "savings" that Democrats claim will happen under their proposed healthcare legislation depends in large part on dumping more responsibility on individual state Medicaid plans. The states will simply have to pay more in coverage. (And each state's citizens, of course.) All of the states except Nevada, that is -- Senate Majority Leader and Democrat Senator from Nevada Harry Reid inserted an exemption for his home state. So the Democrats' definition of savings means that they dump their liabilities on someone else and taxpayers still pick up the tab.

When the politicians are this blatantly deceitful, yet still hold power -- well, the disgust just overpowers me sometimes. Too disgusted to blog about it, but I'll try to do better.

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