Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mr. Gore Doesn't Like Questions...

...at least questions that challenge him. Note his deft use of the political two-step to avoid answering the question.

Gore and others like him (i.e., Democrats and other Liberals) who make claims such as he makes should have to answer for their methods before any debate over the details of their argument. Why is Gore unwilling to engage in a real debate on the subject? (The answer, of course, is that his argument is weak, and demagoguing the issue is the only way he can influence legislation and continue to profit from his fear-mongering.)
As I've written before, Al Gore and others intend to profit from global warning alarmism. It always helps to track the money trail.

By the way, Gore's claim that the court ruled in his favor is pretty exaggerated. The British court ruled that the film "violated laws barring the promotion of partisan political views in the classroom" and could only be "shown on the condition that it is accompanied by guidance notes to balance Gore's 'one-sided' views."

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