Monday, March 01, 2010

Kamikaze Democrats?

Andrew C McCarthy has written a column that proposes a very scary scenario; to wit, that Congressional Democrat leaders are willing to sacrifice their majorities in the House and Senate so as to get their healthcare legislation passed before November. The thinking is that, once they have rammed through sweeping control over Americans via nationalized healthcare, the machinery will be in place, and the government will have unsurpassed power even when Democrats are not in power.

Democrats know that anyone who votes for the legislation will likely face tremendous blowback from voters come election time. The Democrat leadership (Obama, Pelosi, Reid) are willing to accept such self-destructive losses to accomplish their bigger goal of transforming America.

This strategy only works if Republicans don't have the guts to repeal healthcare legislation once they are in office. This question needs to be asked of every candidate who runs in November:

"If elected, will you vote to repeal Democrat healthcare legislation?"

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