Friday, September 03, 2010

Other People Say Smart Stuff, Too (Special Edition)

A story from an unexpected source -- Time magazine -- entitled "How Barack Obama became Mr. Unpopular" details how people have become unimpressed with him. The surprising part is that Time would run such a gritty true story about the Chosen One. Some key passages:

"When Obama arrived in office in January '09, his Gallup approval rating stood at 68%, a high for a newly elected leader not seen since John Kennedy in 1961. Today Obama's job approval has been hovering in the mid-40s, which means that at least 1 in 4 Americans has changed his or her mind."

"In more confiding moments, aides admit that the peak of Obama's popularity may have been inflated, a fleeting result of elation at the prospect of change and national pride in electing the first African-American President.* As one White House aide puts it, "It was sort of fake.""

"People now openly say they didn't quite understand the President they voted for in 2008"

Any of this sound familiar?

* What I said back in January.

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