Tuesday, January 05, 2010

An Interesting Take on Obama's Appeal to Voters

Glenn Reynolds, on Instapundit, recently offered an interesting take on those who voted for Obama: "I think Obama's 'charisma' was based on voter narcissism—people excited not just about electing a black president, but about themselves, voting for a black president. Now that's over, and they're stuck just with him, and emptied of their own narcissism there's not much there to fill out the suit."

He goes on to quote
Ann Althouse: "I think what Obama seems to have become, he always was.”


T said...

There needs to be a "Like" feature on Blogger because I like this.

Thanks for posting.

AnObiter said...

I agree on the "Like" feature!

Obama's approval ratings are tanking into what always was too...