Friday, February 03, 2012

Satisfying in so many ways

Recent headline from the Huffington Post: "Obama Wall Street Fundraising Evaporates as Donors Flee to Romney."  Apparently the financial world which gave so much money to Obama in 2008 is now investing in Romney. One passage from the story which is particularly satisfying:

"Why the world of finance is leaving Obama is a subject of some irritation among Democratic fundraisers. Wall Street executives, after all, have thrived under the Obama administration. The Justice Department has been notoriously slow in pursuing investigations of fraud. Ditto for the Securities Exchange Commission."

Why is this satisfying? It contradicts what so many Democrats have claimed, and confirms so much of what the rest of the world knew.

  • Obama received huge amounts of cash from Wall Street, even as he demonized them.
  • The Obama administration has paid back that fundraising with its quid pro quo practices.
  • The Obama administration uses the Justice Department and other federal agencies as political tools.

We can only hope that the Wall Street money is effectively used to oust Obama & Co.

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