Saturday, February 11, 2012

What exactly is Planned Parenthood's business?

 Planned Parenthood publicizes itself as a women's health organization. When the subject of abortion comes up, they (and their advocates) claim that abortion makes up only 3% of their services. However, ex-employees say that they were forced to push abortions because of their profitability. What's the deal?

In their 2008-2009 annual report, PP claimed revenue from their "health centers" of $404.9 million. That "3%" figure is out of nearly 11 million "total services," meaning just over 328,000 abortions. The price for a PP abortion ranges from $300-$950. Using an average price of $625, that's $205 million revenue from abortions out of $404.9 total revenue from PP "health centers" - 50.6%.

Does PP actually provide "health services" for pregnant women?
A pregnant woman enters PP. That woman will either a) Receive prenatal care to help her baby, making her a "prenatal client" or b) Receive help placing the baby for adoption; (These first two may overlap;) or c) Receive an abortion. 

info from Planned Parenthood, we find that in 2008 PP had 9,433 prenatal clients, 2405 aid with adoption clients, and performed 324,008 abortions. Of the 335,846 pregnancies, at least 96.5% ended in abortion.
Planned Parenthood is what it is, and the information above speaks for itself. Why, then, does PP act so coy about what is clearly a huge part of their business? It's as though McDonalds was bashful about saying they sell hamburgers.

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