Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Liberal Answer to Everything: Reject Reality

The prime characteristic of Liberals -- their ability to twist reality to conform to their beliefs -- was dramatically illustrated to me a couple of days ago. In the film Hating Breitbart, a documentary about the conservative firebrand, several minutes are devoted to the John Lewis "n-word" controversy.

A refresher on the subject: At one point during the 2010 debates over the Obamacare legislation, Tea Partiers held a rally against the Democrat law in Washington. While approaching the building where Obama was to speak, several black Democrat congressmen, including Lewis, passed through the Tea Party protest. The congressmen subsequently reported that they were repeatedly called "n***er" and spat upon by Tea Partiers. The media, of course, ran with the story as an excuse to blast the Tea Party movement as racist.

Andrew Breitbart, deeply acquainted with the Tea Party movement and rallies, doubted the reports. He offered $10,000 -- later increased to $100,000 -- to anyone who could provide video or audio proof of the n-word being used just once.

In the sea of television cameras and microphones, hundreds if not thousands of cell phones and video cameras held by individuals that day, not a single instance of anyone using the n-word has turned up. Remember, this was not an incident that occurred in a room with a closed door and no one else present. This was as public as it gets.

The bounty is uncollected to this day.

Breitbart analyzed the situation, I think accurately. "I think the press release was written before they walked through the crowd, and the reality of it didn't materialize, but they went ahead with their plan anyway." Regardless of what happened (or didn't) they were claiming Tea Partiers called them names.

Despite the lack of a single shred of evidence or proof, Liberals still believe the story. In Hating Breitbart, Mediaite political editor Tommy Christopher says, "My assumption, especially for someone like John Lewis, uh, is that that guy's not gonna lie......about that." 

So the fact that he agrees with someone politically outweighs anything else, including reality. And that's why arguments against Liberals are essentially pointless. Liberalism is their religion, and anything that refutes or disproves that religion is to be ignored.  

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