Sunday, October 06, 2013

Nothing Successful About Obamacare So Far

Explaining Obamacare
The Obama administration is spinning like a dreidel in their attempt to make the implementation of Obamacare look like something less than the complete disaster it is. Some of the news we have so far:

The first week of enrollment for Obamacare, the website either crashed completely or ran so slowly that people played a complete game of Monopoly between pages. The administration had three years to get the website right (twenty times longer than they took to actually think about the legislation.) The Obama administration tries to write off the problems because of the "intense interest" in enrolling, but IT experts disagree. They say the problem is the architecture of the website itself.

Chad Henderson, the Obamacare "hero" who the media swooned over as one of the first enrollees, turned out to be fake. Backtracking on his earlier claim, he never enrolled in an insurance plan. "When I said 'enroll,' I guess I got the terminology wrong. I meant that I was able to actually get in and have access to compare the prices," Chad said.

They don't know how many people have actually enrolled in Obamacare. When asked about the actual number, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew hemmed, hawed, and stonewalled.

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