Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Benghazi in a nutshell

Democrats continue to try to muddy the waters about the Benghazi attack. They say it was "only" four deaths, or that embassies were attacked under Bush, or it was so long ago, etc. In his latest column, "The 6 Lamest Excuses for Failure from the Obama Administration," John Hawkins concisely explains why the Benghazi attack should matter to us.

"Our embassy in Libya was woefully under-protected despite the fact that Ambassador Chris Stevens had requested more security on multiple occasions and had been turned down. After Al-Qaeda attacked the embassy, no rescue attempt was made. Afterwards, during a presidential election year when Obama was under pressure to show that Al-Qaeda was behind the attack, members of the administration including the President deliberately misled Americans to make them think that a video was responsible for the attack when they knew from day one that terrorists were responsible. Since then, the Obama Administration has delayed and stonewalled the congressional investigation at every opportunity."

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