Monday, October 20, 2008

Restoring Conservatism

I recently read a great column from Ken Connor, on how Republican politicians have parted from conservatism over the last dozen years, while still calling themselves "conservative." As a result, Liberals and even some Republicans have become confused over what a Conservative is. A quote from the column:

"Conservatives understand that every person is a part of a family and a community; they understand that each generation is just one link in the long chain of human history; and they understand that each person and each generation has duties to those who went before, those who are living today, and those who will come after us."

Worth reading for a reaffirmation of what conservatism really is.

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Jenny said...

It's a little before my time but didn't Democrats used to be associated more closely to the definition of modern day conservatism? Isn't that ironic considering what they've become?