Thursday, January 14, 2010

Democrats Play Rough

An interesting story is developing in Massachusetts. The state is holding a special election to choose a US Senator to fill an open spot, one currently held by a filler. It's a little complex, so here is a list of the characters:

Teddy Kennedy, notorious US Senator (D-Massachusetts). Died in 2009 after serving in the Senate for 46 years.
* Paul G. Kirk, Jr., (D). appointed to fill the vacant seat left by Kennedy's death. His appointment was made when the Massachusetts legislature changed its own state law so the governor could appoint a Democrat quickly in order to pass Obama's healthcare legislation. Kirk is irrelevant to the story, but he's the one being replaced with the election.
Martha Coakley, (D). Massachusetts state attorney general. The Democrat candidate for the senate seat.
Scott Brown, (R). Massachusetts state senator. The Republican candidate for the senate seat. Young, smart, attractive and charismatic, he is making a strong showing, something Democrats weren't prepared for. Kennedy's seat was supposed to be a Democrat legacy.
Michael Meehan (D). A long-time Democrat political "operative" and Obama appointee. Sent to Boston by the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee to help Coakley, who is having unxpected trouble winning the election.
John McCormack. A deputy online editor for the conservative publication The Weekly Standard, covering the Massachusetts senate race.

Watch Brown perform in this clip from their debate and you'll see why Democrats are ready to scream.

Worried about losing the election, and with it the super-majority they enjoy in the Senate (which allows them to ram through whatever legislation they want,) Democrats are not afraid to use violence when necessary.

McCormack, according to his own account, asked some uncomfortable questions of Democrat Coakley at a fundraiser. She brushed him off, and as he followed her down a sidewalk (along with other reporters,) Meehan knocked him down. Meehan also prevented McCormack from approaching Coakley.

The election is on January 19. This story has drawn national attention, so it may be a harbinger of the bad days ahead for Democrats. Good news at last.

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