Saturday, January 16, 2010

Single Ladies (in Mayberry) & Other Mashups

mashup (māsh'ŭp') n. A combination of multiple sources of video and/or audio —which usually have no relation with each other—into a derivative work, often lampooning its component sources or another text.

This is the first song I ever heard under the description "mashup."

Here's one for the B-boomers.

Ever wonder how Kubrick's The Shining could have gone?

Here's another version of Toy Story.

And one that completely boggles me -- Must Love Jaws.

And finally -- a Titanic movie guys can get into. I give you Titanic Two: The Surface.

(Edit: After I posted this, I found one more, a work of genius. Something for my comic book geek friends. Toy Story 2 meets The Dark Knight.)

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Anonymous said...

Comic book geek friends ???? Who are you talking about??