Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Internet's a Small Place

So my daughter comes in yesterday and says "Dad, you have to watch this video." We go to YouTube and there's a video of a guy using sign language (ASL) to sing along with a song. Actually, he choreographed ASL and turned it all into a sort of dance. The young man, Stephen Torrence, is very talented and charismatic. I made the comment to her that he really had something, and likely could be very successful if he turned to show business.

Another entertaining online video. No big deal, right? Except we Googled his name, and discover that he's attending Texas Tech. He wasn't a genius 12-year-old from South Korea or a Romanian kung fu expert singing Numa Numa. He's local (at least until he graduates.)

Here's one of the many videos Stephen Torrence has online. See if you don't feel better after watching it:


Anonymous said...

I am totally addicted to this now. Very cool. KW

Kat said...

Good find! I liked it.

wordkyle said...

Glad you liked it. Be warned, though -- some of his videos contain NSFW language.